What Are Dark Pools?

A Dark pool is an alternate trading method or system that facilitates the buying and selling of a considerable number of shares of a company without having to suffer detrimental price movement or disrupting normal trading. Dark pool trading is suited for shares that are decidedly liquid and with low volatility. These pools are usually not feasible to the general public. They are called dark because nobody knows the size and price of the orders.

How do dark pools work?

Usually, when a large number of shares, say a million shares of a reputable company are sold, it leads to falling in share prices and the last million shares to be sold will not receive the same price as the first million. Dark pools overcome this drawback by completing the entire exchange at a fixed price. These transactions are anonymous and there is no data available pre-trade.

Risks in dark pool

Two noticeable risks associated with dark pools are:

  • Price movement: An unfilled order augments submission to an exchange for executing the transaction. Invariably there will be significant price difference, which most often works against the investor, between the time taken to submit the dark pool and execute it in exchange
  • The risk of information leakage. There is a constant threat of dark pool operators shorting the concerned company to make a decent profit. That is why you must choose a dark-pool operator of repute.

Types of dark pools

There are several dark pools which can be segregated into three types.

  1. Broker-dealer owned: Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse are few names associated with broker -dealer owned dark pools. When the buyer and the seller of share are clients of the same broker, to avoid paying two transaction fees to any extraneous dark pool, the broker and dealers set up their own dark pools and share the savings with the clients.
  2. Exchange owned: NYSE and Euronext are two examples of exchange owned dark pools which offer retail traders greater liquidity and more high-frequency trading practices.
  3. Independent operators: As the name suggests, these dark pools are owned by independent companies that offer low transaction rates alongside low liquidity. ITG and Smartpool are independent operators.   There is no price discovery in this case just like in broker-dealer owned dark pools.

The Bottom Line

To a novice, the Fincrowd app is one aspect of trading while dark pools are a highly regulated method of trading usually indulged in only by professional traders. The absence of transparency in dark pools leads to disputes between the owners and the trading practices. But a significant amount of daily trading takes place via dark pools.

Binary Option Robot – The Latest Auto-Trading Platform

If you are looking for new ways to do binary trading online, you might want to check out the following auto-trading platform named Binary Option Robot.

In addition to that, there are numerous reasons why this trading option caught our attention. If you want to find out more about Binary Option Robot and why you should use in in the future to improve your chances of earning money, you should continue reading!

What Makes It Different Than Other Binary Trading Options?

You are probably aware that most of these binary trading options are a scam. In fact, whenever you see something that looks too good to be true, that is because essentially it probably is. Now that is certainly not the case with Binary Option Robot! It genuinely separates itself from similar products on the market, because it simply doesn’t have the word ‘scam’ written all over it.

What Makes Me Conclude Binary Option Robot Is Not A Scam?

First of all, it is enough for you to visit http://top10binaryapps.com/ and you will see for yourself. I would urge you to visit the tab where you will be able to find all the Binary Option Robot compatible brokers.

Since other similar binary trading programs and options do not offer these or keep such information vague, with Binary Option Robot everything is transparent. Also, the minimum deposits and currencies which are accepted are also transparently offered, and none of the other platforms are so honest with their potential users.

Choosing Your Broker

Another really interesting aspect about Binary Option Robot is that you can choose which broker will be your broker. Once you do, it is necessary that you open an account with the broker you have chosen. This is essentially much different from being assigned a broker automatically.

Choosing The Right Broker

Also, it is your responsibility and duty to read a little bit more about the broker you wish to represent you. The more you know about the said broker, the better your chances are on the market. That being said you should learn how to find and choose a competent broker among many brokers who are at your disposal when using Binary Option Robot.

Registrations And Earnings

The first thing you must do is, of course, make an account with Binary Option Robot by registering. You will instantly be rewarded with $1000 on the first account, which will allow you to test it out.Later on, once you seem how it works and if you decide you are satisfied with it,

 you will enter card details and activate the platform. The Binary Option Robot provides you with essential information such as the details of your account, live trades, but also all of your past trades.

Auto Trade Button

If I had to choose my favorite thing about Binary Option Robot, I would have to say that it is the auto trade button. If you choose to use Binary Option Robot, do not miss out on the opportunity to use this amazing feature of Binary Option Robot.

Is Millionaire Blueprint A Scam? Find Out!

If you have come here looking for some answers, you have done the right thing. There are many internet articles out there claiming that decent (and more than decent) amounts of money can be made by Millionaire Blueprint. Then there are those that claim that Millionaire Blueprint is a scam and that it should be avoided.

But what is the truth and who should you believe? We are here to explore all sides to this binary options story and provide you with facts that cannot be faked. Check out Top 10 Binary Demo.

How Do I Know That Millionaires Blueprint Is A Scam?

Well, among so many systems and binary options that guarantee success, it is bound to have those who are not legitimate as well. If you just take a quick look at the giveaway clues, you will soon be able to distinguish between fakes and legitimate sites yourself with no problem.

Millionaire Blueprint Reviews

First of all, the Millionaire Blueprint reviews seem fake namely due to the fake testimonials with absolute zero evidence. Just like similar fake binary trading options sites, they will try to convince you they are the real deal, but then you come across with repetitive texts, people whose faces you can see on Shutterstock and other sites that sell photographs and of course poorly made videos. But that is not the biggest giveaway.

Do You Know Someone Who Made Money With Millionaire Blueprint?

If everyone who claims to have made money with Millionaire Blueprint exists only in the online world, then you have a problem. In fact, you should ask yourself whether you know anyone personally who has had a great experience with this binary trading options site.

If you do not, and you have broker friends, chances are there is a strong reason for that. You should always communicate with your colleagues and friends and share experiences. It is much more effective than reading fake reviews online.

Promises They Can’t Keep

Another way to spot that fake binary trading options is that they will constantly make promises they cannot keep. This is precisely the case with Millionaire Blueprint.If you want to save yourself from disappointment,

make sure you avoid Millionaire Blueprint in the future, because, no, they will not make a million dollars for you in a month, no matter how appealing that might sound.


Finally, the best way to see whether a binary trading options site is legitimate or not is to look or try to find their licenses. In fact, many binary trading options do hold a license, so it is not something imaginary. Just it can be really difficult to find out whether a binary trading options site is for real or just another scam when you cannot see whether they have a license to work.

Real Testimonials

There are so many people who have been deceived by Millionaire Blueprint that I would like to hear some of the real testimonials here. Share your thoughts and opinions on the subject and tell us your story!

24Option – Everything You Need To Know About Trading Online

Among many binary options, Millionaire Blueprint is certainly the name which stands out. It has been popular for years and with right reason. Today we will discuss everything you need to know about Millionaire Blueprint and if you have anything you would like to add or to contribute to this article and this site click here  we will be more than glad to hear your comments.

24Option As One Of Many

As it has been mentioned earlier, there certainly are many binary trading options programs as well as websites, so it has made it increasingly difficult to choose the right one. In addition to that, there are at least three reasons why you should be vary of online trading and binary options you come across and check it first – just in case.

1. Scams

There are numerous binary trading options which are a scam. They will promise large sums of money, and you will just know that it is too good to be true. In fact, if you feel like this, it is because it probably is too good to be true and you should avoid the said binary trading options site or program.

2. When You See People From Shutterstock – Run!

You would not believe how many of these binary trading options sites think that it is enough to use a picture from Shutterstock to convince you that these people have gained money by using their services! Always make sure that you check whether the binary options trading site has been approved by the government and whether they hold a license, well before you start trading.

3. Losing Money

If you are a big fan of losing money, which I sincerely doubt, you will want to check facts to be able to make the right decision. No one likes to lose money and invest into scams. In addition to that, no one likes to be conned and tricked into making money for someone else.

Why 24Option Is Different

Now that we have mentioned all of those binary trading options you should avoid, here is the one which can be used freely. 24Option remains the most reliable option among binary options and the one which is certainly used by many namely due to various trading options they have to offer. Here are but a few to mention:
High Low Binary Options
One Touch Binary Options
Boundary Binary Options

24Option Withdrawal And Deposit

Also with 24Option it is possible that you make a deposit with your credit card, or by using Skrill and Wire Transfer. Also, you can use the Western Union. There are numerous baking sites you can use, but amazing thing with 24Option is that you can choose the currency and make transfers with just one click, and they will be instantly visible.

Also, if you are looking for low fees my recommendation is to use Skrill, especially for withdrawals. The information about your credit is instantly processed in real time, and this makes it easy to use.

Banc De Binary – Robots Making Money For You, Or Are They?

In the world of binary trading options, Millionaire Blueprint is one of the first programs which have been devised to use robots that will make very important decisions with your money on the market.

If you would like to learn more about binary trading options, as well as should you use it altogether then read on as we will discuss everything you need to know about Banc De Binary and Binary trading options today?

Original Binary Trading Options

Millionaire Blueprint is one of the first broker-founded binary trading options. It uses robots and codes to be able to do the trades for you. In other words, your account and all the trades which you make are made by a robot! Millionaire Blueprint decided it was high time that real-life brokers are replaced by robots and software that will make all the transaction for you all the while making you money.

Does Millionaire Blueprint Hold A License?

If you are looking to protect yourself from binary trading options which are not legitimate, all you have to do is check whether they hold a license or not. When it comes to Millionaire Blueprint to determine whether it is a legitimate firm or an online scam, we looked at their license.

It turns out that Millionaire Blueprint is not an online scam, as they happen to hold a license which was authorized and regulated in Europe by Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. The number of the license under which Banc De Binary is regulated is 188/13. The latter number implies that the said license has been issued in 2013 which has made it a brokerage firm with a license.

Licensed Brokers

If you want to make sure you are not investing your money in vain or giving it away, before you start investing I would suggest that you search for a reliable broker. It is important that you check the list of licensed brokers and try to find a broker with a license.

Also, the broker should be approved by the regulatory agency appointed by the government. All of this will reduce any possibilities of going through a scam, and so far Millionaire Blueprint is passing this test with flying colors. Still, there are so many binary trading options that are a scam, which you can never be too careful. It is for your good.

Banc De Binary Experiences And Comments

If you have anything you would like to add to this article, or contribute in any way, you are more than welcome to do so! We would love to hear your genuine impressions and your experiences with Millionaire Blueprint, so make sure you share it with the rest of the world and eager readers and write us in the comment section.

We will most definitely publish every comment which is non-offensive and which provides further information about the said topic.

Is Zero Loss Formula Binary Options A Way For You To Make Money?

There have been so many programs and accounts dealing with binary options that it is really difficult to keep up with all of them. In addition to that, somehow they all seem to be very similar and unfortunately it has been proven that a number of binary options such as this one are a scam.

But what about Zero Loss Formula, is that too a scam, or is it a real way for you to make money? Stay with us and find out as we investigate further into detail of this very popular binary options account.

What Is Binary Options?

To know more about Zero Loss Formula, and to make a judgment about Zero Loss Formula, you first have to know something about binary options in general. This will allow you to understand more about it and detect sketchy programs and software.

Binary Options Essentials

Binary options are just another name for investing in the financial market. Since many people do not understand the essence of trading on the market, they get themselves into financial operations they know nothing about and lose their money.

Many of the people who create these sites are fraudulent, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to see which of the binary options sites are just a scam and which of them are a genuine way for you to invest money and give it to brokers who know what they are doing on the financial market.

What Is Zero Loss Formula?

Zero Loss Formula, as you can see from the title itself, promises that there will be an absolute gain in it for you and that you will experience zero loss on the market.

However, to expect something like this is not just optimistic, it makes you downright gullible. There is a Demo account that you can use to try it out before you register, but in essence, it is fraudulent.

What Does Zero Loss Formula Have To Offer?

Zero Loss Formula claims that they will teach you how to make over $1,125,630 every month, but in reality, this is very unlikely. The creator of the Zero Loss Formula is allegedly former Wall Street brokers who have come up with this program that will allow people to invest their money by using a robot who will then choose the right binary option for you.

The Minimum Deposit

Also, there is the minimum deposit you must give, as with other sketchy binary options software it is usually $250, so Zero Loss Formula also asks you for that same sum, in return promising, they will make you millions.

Of course, all of this sounds highly unlikely, and unless you are prepared to gamble away your money, I would say that you learn more about market and trades and invest your money elsewhere rather than giving it away to dodgy software. You can believe one thing, the creators are certainly rich, as for the users – I sincerely doubt it.

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